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Peru at PDAC 2021


The Peruvian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce "PCCC" plays a vital and active role in assisting individuals and Peruvian companies in Canada as well as Canadian companies in Peru to expand their business. They support organizations and professionals by being a liaison between information, networking platforms and leaders. The clients involved were also Prom Perú, Ministry of energy and Mines and INGEMET.


Peru, recurrently, has a physical stand at the PDAC event held in Canada. On this occasion, Peru had the need to be present at the event, but this time, virtually. This is how we design a virtual platform to fulfill their needs. Sponsors exhibition area, conference area, speaker area, and interactive chat.  This virtual stand was required by the Peru-Canada Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Prom Peru, Minem and Ingemet. 


Nytro Marketing was able to customize the virtual event platform for the PCCC event called “PDAC” in just 8 weeks. “Perú at PDAC 2021” was hosted on the NVE platform for more than 500 attendees, 24 speakers and 19 sponsors with their virtual booths. The attendees had multiple possibilities to network and chat virtually. The virtual chat function was actually very active and rated very well.  In addition to the platform design, Nytro Marketing was also in charge of the event coordination, production, communications, program set up, speakers onboarding, registration process and post-event analytical review. 

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