It feels like we were just doing the summary of our accomplishments for 2017, yet here we are, taking a look at an incredible, whirlwind 2018 full of experiences that we created to elevate messages that each of our customers and partners wanted to get across to their audiences. We are always grateful for the trust, support, and long-term relationships we have fostered with everyone in our ecosystem.

2018 was a year of huge growth for Nytro, as we basically doubled in size and increased our location footprint all over the world. This wouldn’t have been possible without also building lots of relationships with great new companies that were referred to us so we could provide the same level of innovation and amazing experiences that we have strived to do for all our veteran clients.

Let’s take a walk down the 2018 memory lane, shall we?

  • You know we had to get things started with SAP Latin America & Caribbean’s Field Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM), which we are about to run for them again in January of 2019!

  • We also had some fun making event videos, including this loop one as well as a walk-in video for the SAP NOW event.

  • Our European team members had a blast helping out at the SAP Business One event in Barcelona, ole!

  • The marketing strategies that we’ve put into place for our customers have been so effective, that they’re now trusting us as partners as well! Our work with SAP Business One had some great moments here, here and here, and we also have some exciting news coming about more partnerships of this kind very soon!

  • We established a strong partnership with our friends at Inforum, who also had some very nice things to say about us!

  • ::BEEP BEEP:: NYTRO TO EARTH ::BEEP BEEP:: Do you remember that time we produced an entire space station for SNP at SAPPHIRE NOW? It was seriously out of this world!

  • But of course that wasn’t enough for one event – at the same time we were helping ThoughtFocus with their booth, because amazing show floor experiences are in our DNA!

  • Have you ever thought that our Nytro orange complements SAP’s blue and gold really nicely? That might have something to do with some SAP Alumni

  • Speaking of SAP parties, we had an absolute blast (from the past) celebrating SAP’s 30th anniversary of being on this hemisphere. That’s a founding father if we ever saw one!

  • One thing that was really exciting to us was seeing the SAP Virtual Agency initiative become a reality, and we even celebrated one special group for outstanding work.

  • Another exciting project Nytro Marketing helped lead was SAP's TechEd events in both Las Vegas and Barcelona, which had over 10,000 total attendees and 42,000 online viewers!

  • What do you get when you #StartWithHeart and decide to lead a #HumanRevolution? You get two record-breaking SuccessConnect events, one in Berlin, and one in Las Vegas. And it was really reassuring to see they loved working with us as much as we loved working with them!

  • It’s not a fun year without some kid action, which is why we also loved hosting the SAP Kids event in Mexico themed after the Día de los Muertos, with special appearances by some awesome characters from the movie Coco!

  • No, your eyes weren’t fooling you with this one… those anatomically correct muscular faces were some of the great moments we brought to life at the CiruDerm conference in Mexico!

  • One of the most important assets a company can have in order to get across their message to all audiences is a white paper. This year, we executed the design and content of a number of white papers for many of our customers including DatavardTargens and Uniorg.

  • It’s 2018 and you know what a company can’t afford to not have? An optimized website. We have dedicated a lot of time to understand the everchanging market trends, strategically match them to our customers’ needs, and put all of that in a blender. As a result, we built some beautiful sites this year including this one for ACSIS Inc. and this fun one for an SAP Partner Reference Challenge!

Our year started with a huge checklist of heartfelt goals and ambitious projects we wanted to really knock out of the park, and we are proud to say our work has spoken for itself. Thank you so much once more to all our wonderful customers and partners. We hope you are looking back on these experiences as fondly as we are, and come set your sights even higher with us next year!

Thank you 2018. 2019, bring on more of #TheNytroExperience!

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