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Data Migration International is a newly expanded multinational with over 20 years of experience in the field and a team of experts that have extensive experience in all areas of system migration including archiving, historization, housekeeping, and more. DMI has a star product named JiVS IMP, a platform that has been dubbed as game-changing for migrations and saves customers on average 80% in operational costs.


Data Migration International was looking for a brand refresh as it crossed over from EMEA into the U.S. market, as well as a business growth plan to gain visibility and qualified leads. For this to be effective, the brand needed to revamp their website design and content, improve their social media strategy, and optimize client-meeting opportunities like webinars, roadshows, and tradeshow appearances.


The Nytro Marketing team gave DMI a brand makeover to give prospects a different and exciting first impression, and existing customers a reintroduction. The strategy also included the creation and optimization of channels including social media, newsletters, press releases, and more. Our team also takes care of all tradeshow logistics, from announcement to booth management. Lastly, our holistic approach with SEO and AdWords has solidified DMI's presence in the market as a key player in SAP's partner ecosystem.


I have had a truly amazing experience working with Nytro Marketing.

We started with a small event-related project, but now I made them oversee all marketing activities for Data Migration International. It’s the agency one can trust and will always make sure to reach the marketing and company goals. I see a tremendous impact in terms of MQLs, SQLs, and creative campaigns since I have been working with Nytro. Marketing execution is flawless and I have fewer tasks to worry about.


Thomas Failer

CEO, Data Migration International

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