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Nytro Marketing Launched the Nytro Virtual Events Platform (NVE)

Flexible solution providing a truly holistic and high-impact experience for your audience. One platform, boundless possibilites.

After months of work to solve the problems we saw arise over the course of the „new normal“ setting in, with the Nytro Virtual Events Platform we came up with a platform, which creates an atmosphere that empowers attendees to interact in many different ways, as similar as it gets to the real in-person feeling.

Whether global product launches, congresses and trade fairs with various exhibitors or internal team events like Coffee Corners - The Nytro Virtual Events Platform is perfect for everyone who wants to turn an online or hybrid event into an experience with WOW factor.

What Makes our Events so Unique?

  • Nytro has over 12 years experience developing virtual events and have all the resources required to deliver an end to end solution

  • Truly Global Nytro team covers all time zones greatly impacting the producton time and enabling user-friendly, smooth experience with 24/7 global support

  • Fully customizable event platform with plenty of immersive graphic elements and interaction tools that increase the engagement of the audience and improve Brand delivery.

Use our decades of experience in the events sector – Get a better view of our NVE here.

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