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Nytro Virtual Events Platform – A New Experience for the New Normal

At the beginning of 2020, we set out to continue growing our events business as it has year over year ever since our founding in 2015. As the realities of the pandemic set in, we did what we always do: we adapted to the changes and made things work however possible. We observed as the world rushed to Zoom and other virtual platforms to try and still have some semblance of an event or even a 1:1 with customers, and through our observations we saw lots of areas of opportunity for improvement and a lot of mistakes made as a result of people scrambling to take action without dedicating the necessary time to the strategy – our bread and butter.

After a few months, it seemed there was a glimmer of hope and we were able to partake in some small scale, COVID-19 conscious events with ample protocols and measures to ensure the safety of all involved. But as the fall set in and the numbers rose again, cities all over the world saw spikes and those few, brief moments of old normalcy quickly faded away. We had to come to terms with it: this was the new normal.

All through those times, we were hard at work for our customers and for the general public, as we gathered information and produced helpful assets like our Eventful guide, which helps showcase how companies should go about strategizing to put together a successful virtual or hybrid event, if and when/where it’s safe.

Our marketing projects kept marching on, so our Global Head of Events and Co-Founder Jaime got to thinking – how can we make things easier for everyone trying to navigate this new normal while still needing to meet their event goals? Zoom and Skype and Google Hangouts and all of those platforms helped get us through those initial months of uncertainty, but now that time had passed and the panic was behind us somewhat, there had to be a better, more well-rounded approach to do virtual or hybrid events moving forward.

And so was born the Nytro Virtual Events Platform.

That’s right. We went all the way in and for months worked on every little detail of a holistic platform that brought together every major component of an event in one place. In order to draw the attention of your attendees these days, you have to do more than just a virtual presentation, and we’ve thought about it from beginning to end. Whether you’re a small organization looking to host a limited internal event like a coffee corner or all-hands meeting, or if you’re a giant corporation and want the tradeshow look and feel in each of your participants’ screens, we’ve got it covered.

Through the focus on gamification, event production, logistics, digital marketing, content generation, design, pre- and post-event logistics, and more importantly, networking, we have gathered every single component that makes events the profitable and unforgettable experience for attendees and brought it in a digital format on the Nytro Virtual Events Platform.

Our entire leadership team across the regions (because our approach always takes into account global and local viewpoints) has been involved in the rollout of our platform and we created our very own virtual event with a keynote and several sessions that contain all of the helpful information that can enable you to visualize what a virtual event could look like on this one-of-a-kind platform.

If you’d like to request a full demonstration of the tool so that you can pitch an event to your team, you can message Jaime and he can set up a call to show you all the possibilities. Now that we’re at the beginning of 2021 is the perfect time to strategize with intention and take every opportunity to do things right, safely, and invest in what matters. This is a great alternative channel to work on your goals for the year and still ensure that your customers and prospects enjoy an amazing experience.

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