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ASUGMEX was looking for a partner to craft and organize content that would consistently showcase the value of being a part of the ASUGMEX community for both partners and members. They have a wide array of knowledge sharing opportunities through webinars, information sessions, conferences (both in person and online) that require organized and targeted promotion across their social platforms. ASUGMEX also oversees a broad network of partners that, according to their level of partnership, earn promotional posts on ASUGMEX’s platforms which have to be sourced, managed, and reviewed on a weekly basis. All in all, this was a vast undertaking that required a lot of organization and consistent coordination.


The Nytro team audited the ASUGMEX channels to establish a tone for the brand, as well as understand the engagement of the audiences across each platform. We researched and chose a collaboration tool to fit the needs of the customer and establish an easy cadence of approvals that greatly streamlined the process from what it was before. We create custom content and copy for each channel as well as graphic elements to complement the posts and deliver reports each month with the results accomplished. The ASUGMEX brand now has a consistent look and feel throughout its external channels.


We are very pleased to work with Nytro Marketing. Their outstanding commitment and ability to understand our needs and goals to turn them into messages that truly reach our audiences, makes them a true strategic partner and part of the team.


María Elena Gutiérrez

Managing Director, ASUG México

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