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SAP - ChatGPT Driven Simulation

SAP Onboarding & Training with AI-Powered Embedded Support


SAP Business Simulation 

  • Corporate team onboarding: The simulation simplifies training and orienting corporate teams new to SAP. 

  • SAP Partner sales acceleration: Boost your sales efficacy with our simulation solution. Ideal for SAP Partners and resellers, this tool allows your prospects to experience SAP ERP hands-on, in a fun, engaging, and effective way.

Accelerate your SAP S/4HANA onboarding experience with ERPsim On-Demand.

Try ERPsim On-Demand for $515

This cutting-edge simulation platform runs on SAP and is trusted by global corporations, the US Army, the Canadian Armed Forces, and countless organizations for value discovery, user adoption, and change management.

Engage in real-world scenarios that put you in the driver's seat and experience the next level of immersive learning.

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Who Benefits?

Whether you are a newcomer to SAP or a seasoned professional, ERPsim On-Demand is tailored to meet the needs of diverse roles across organizations. Learn SAP through interactive, game-like simulations rather than through tedious documentation or slides.

Are you an SAP Partner? Check out how ERPsim can boost your sales!


Examples of simulation scenarios include:

  • Sustainability

  • Enterprise Asset Management

  • Asset Managers

  • Logistics Teams

  • Armed Forces

  • Disaster Relief Teams

AI-Powered Support with ChatGPT

Our unique conversational AI, powered by ChatGPT, is integrated directly into the user interface, providing real-time, personalized, and consistent responses.


Simplify complex transactions, access instant decision support, and even integrate external data sources like maintenance manuals.

  • Rapid Deployment: Seamlessly integrates in private instances or secure cloud environments.

  • Intelligent Interactions: Brings relevant data directly to the user, enhancing confidence and efficiency in system interactions.

Future Outlook

Stay ahead with ERPsim On-Demand as we continue to evolve our offerings. Expect upcoming modules focusing on combined arms military exercises, capability-based planning, force rotations, and more.

Key Features:

  • 🎯 Targeted scenarios for businesses and defense sectors

  • 🎮 Gamification that engages and educates

  • 🤖 Private ChatGPT-powered conversational AI for real-time in-app support and assistance

Real-World Scenarios

Disaster Relief with Logistics: Ideal for organizations new to Fiori and real-time processes. Compete on operational excellence while managing relief supplies during a major storm surge.

Enterprise Asset Management: Perfect for maintenance professionals. Focus on maintaining tactical electrical generators, work order prioritization, and competing on asset availability and maintenance costs.


Defense and Security: Built atop SAP's specialized solutions, this scenario covers everything from force deployment to asset maintenance and mission readiness.


ERPsim & ERPsim on-demand is a product of Baton Simulation, a SAP Silver Partner.

Try ERPsim on-demand for $515!

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