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SAP - Generative AI Driven Simulation

SAP Business Simulation Game with Real-Time

Play to win with ERPsim
How often do you hear SAP software described as cool or easy to use? If the answer is never, then ERPsim is for you. Fun, entertaining, and dynamic is how customers describe this exciting business simulation software.
ERPsim is all about the experience, which is fast-paced, immersive, and real-time. Competing to solve real business problems in a live SAP S/4HANA system, participants experience the power of SAP S/4HANA in a fun and engaging environment.
Whether you’re planning an SAP S/4HANA migration or training teams post-implementation, ERPsim will turn reluctant users into converts within a matter of days.

SAP Partner sales acceleration: Boost your sales efficiency with our simulation solution. Ideal for SAP Partners and resellers, this tool allows your customers and prospects to experience SAP ERP hands-on, fun, engaging, and effective.

SAP Customers and Prospects education: Learn how easy and fun it is to work with SAP solutions.


This cutting-edge simulation platform runs on SAP and is trusted by global corporations, the US Army, the Canadian Armed Forces, and countless organizations for value discovery, user adoption, and change management.

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Key Features:

  • 🎯 Targeted scenarios for businesses and defense sectors

  • 🎮 Game-based SAP simulation with immersive experimental learning

  • 🤖 Conversational AI for real-time in-app support, assistance, and play guidance

  • 🧠 Generative AI feeding into ML bots for specific data-based recommendations and executing decisions 

Who Benefits?

Whether you are a newcomer to SAP or a seasoned professional, ERPsim On-Demand is tailored to meet the needs of diverse roles across organizations. Learn SAP through interactive, game-like simulations rather than through tedious documentation or slides.

Examples of simulation scenarios include:

  • Sustainability

  • Enterprise Asset Management

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • Logistics

  • Public Services/Disaster Relief Response

AI-Powered Guidance & Decision Support


Our unique generative and private conversational AI is integrated directly into the SAP Fiori user interface, providing real-time, consistent business context responses with actionable information and reference to specific data sources.


Generative AI in the simulation feeds business function Machine Learning bots to provide specific advice and assistance to the human players during the session to execute decisions.


On-Demand Competitive Play Options:

  • Single Player vs. Three ML Bot Teams

  • 2-4 Human Player Team vs. Three ML Bot Teams

  • Human players may activate ML bots to manage and automate the execution of specific functions in the simulation 

Beyond Simulation to Your Real World

ERPsim On-Demand experiences effectively demonstrate the power and value of integrated conversational AI to simplify complex transaction execution, access instant decision support and reference vast data and information sources, providing what’s relevant with great precision in natural language responses.

ERPsim & ERPsim on-demand is developed of Baton Simulation, a SAP Silver Partner.


  • Single-player mode
    6-hour OnDemand license  

  • Conversational AI support (Kyra)

  • 1-4 users playing against bots


  • Single-player mode

  • OnDemand license for companies

  • Annual subscription (price per named user)

  • Conversational AI support (Kyra)

  • 1-4 users playing against bots

Facilitator Event

  • One-day license for a Team Simulation

  • Instructor-led

  • Up to 25 unique players

  • 4 industry scenarios to chose from

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