Consensus is an SAP partner that helps small and midsize companies in the Americas optimize their operations with the leading Enterprise Resource Planning solution for SMEs in the market. With close to three decades of experience, an impeccable track-record, and numerous recognitions within the SAP ecosystem, Consensus always delivers results with stellar innovation.


As a service provider with endless experience, Consensus had an opportunity to help businesses transition to SAP BusinessOne in a seamless, tailored migration from what would become a sunsetting software from another of their partners. They were looking for a partner who understood the solution and the market and could deliver a holistic campaign with a very quick turnaround.


Our Nytro Marketing team worked closely with Consensus to create targeted and strategic materials in both a digital and direct approach to their customers in a phased approach. From HTML e-mails to brochures, a Whitepaper and even a physical asset, our team ensured the delivery of every item to the exact demands of Consensus. Our offering included multiple levels of support to fit their needs, and it ultimately resulted in an effective outreach with qualified leads responding extremely positively to the campaign efforts. 

We worked with Nytro Marketing on a targeted lead generation campaign that helped us accelerate our go-to-market efforts and be more competitive as the market landscape was changing. I was very happy with the results we ultimately achieved by launching this campaign together with Nytro.


Clara Custodio,

Director of Marketing and Business Development, Consensus International

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