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7 Tips We Can Learn From Children

There are many things we can learn from our kids. Both, in our professional and private life.

Being curious and open to new things

Children have a natural curiosity. They explore things they don't yet know in their own way. Without this curiosity, it wouldn't be possible for them to discover and learn new things. Try to reawaken your children's curiosity and openness to new things. Be open to new tasks at work; try new sports or hobbies even if you have no experience. The best way to learn is "learning by doing."

Being open to changes

Just because something has always been that way doesn't mean it has to stay that way. Workflows can be changed and processes can be optimized. You can hold on to the "proven", but you shouldn't close your eyes to new possibilities through change.

Do what you do with passion and enthusiasm

If you are passionate and enthusiastic about what you do, you will not only be more successful but also happier. In your working life, this pays off for you and ultimately for your customers. And everyone knows: a satisfied customer is a good customer and usually comes back again.

Ask for help and accept it when you need it

When children can't manage something, they ask for help. As an adult, why shouldn't you do the same? False pride is out of place here. You can't be an expert in all areas so ask your colleagues for help. A successful team is made up of more than just one expert.

Learn to forgive and look forward

Everyone makes mistakes. If one of your colleagues makes a mistake, don't hold a grudge. Discuss the facts together, talk about what went wrong and how to avoid mistakes in the future. At some point, you will also make a mistake. Of course, the mistakes should not accumulate.

Make new contacts

Children are masters at making new friends. Regardless of background, skills, language, skin color, .... A common interest is enough for children to forge a new friendship. Adults are often more inhibited or only seek out contacts that match their career level. But what would be so wrong with a CEO and a trainee playing tag together. You never know when it will be helpful

Last but not least: Have fun in life. Children laugh with all their heart and let everyone around them share in their joy. There is no need to hide your joy behind a seemingly "professional" mask. Do something good for yourself and those around you! Remember: Laughter and good humour are catching.

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