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#Do1Give - What Have You Done Today?

Today is designated as #Do1Give day by the organization 365give, a collective of people who want to spread the message that we can make a better world by doing one act of kindness every day. They established April 15th 2020 as the main giving day, so you can start with your first act of kindness to show you how easy it is, and the hope is that you're inspired to continue "giving" kindness every single day, and hopefully inspire those around you to do so.

Our Co-Founder and VP of Canada Pablo Motl brought this initiative to our attention at Nytro, and did his own giving act today that involved the whole family in the most adorable way. During this time more than ever, it can make a world of a difference to let those who work in sanitation know that their work matters to us, and that we appreciate them for continuing to do their job while the majority of us are staying indoors.

Taking things one step further is our very own Emily Andreeva. She's the youngest Nytronian in our midst, and lives in Bulgaria. Though our team goes to her for all the graphic needs of our customers, few of us knew that in her free time for the past seven years Emily has been volunteering for the Bulgarian Red Cross.

In these times more than ever, volunteers are needed to help provide food to the elderly or incapacitated who are unable to go get their own provisions, and Emily has stepped up with her brigade to do the work.

Though the interview is in Bulgarian, we gathered the highlights for you to enjoy. Please join us in congratulating our dear Emily in her stellar contribution to her city, country, and our planet. And don't worry, you don't have to go that far for your #Do1Give moment today. Here's a list of ideas as simple as saying thank you, leaving a 5-star review, or calling a loved one.


  • Emily has been a volunteer for 7 years now. She started when she was a freshman in high school after her friends invited her to a meeting with the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross and she fell in love with the people, their energy, and the atmosphere.

  • She graduated from the Mathematics High School in Plovdiv, and is currently studying advertising in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Her favorite part about volunteering is the people. The love they have for everything and how kindly they are giving it to help each other.

  • From this experience, she has learned that we are all the same no matter color, language, disability, etc. We are all people who need love to grow (like flowers need water), and helping each other should not be some kind of superhero gesture, it should be a normal everyday thing.

  • For the current COVID-19 crisis, Emily's activities include going to deliver meals to those in need, like the elderly, lonely, or disabled.

  • To protect themselves as well as the people they serve, the volunteers always cover themselves fully, wearing long sleeves, gloves, and tuck away their hair with hats.

  • They don't actually have any contact with the people they help beyond leaving the food on their front doors.

  • Whenever the people being served see the volunteers, thy are very happy and smiling. Emily mentioned a grandmother in particular who thanks them every day when they visit and even has gifts for them.

  • Emily's family completely supports what she's doing and they know that she knows how to take care of herself. They are extremely proud of her.

  • Emily encourages everyone to be patient and positive, and see that there's good in the world like the volunteers who are helping everyone. If someone is in trouble, she encourages them to call the Red Cross so they can receive the help they need.

  • Emily will continue to volunteer as long as her schedule allows her to do so.

  • The first thing she will do once the restrictions are lifted is go visit her two nieces, whom she misses very much.

You're our hero Emily!

What will you do for #do1give day? Let us know!

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