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ERPsim: A New Way to Xperience S/4HANA

In the years since SAP S/4HANA hit the market, spokespeople who try to sing its praises have struggled to explain just how big of a difference this analytic in-memory platform can make in a business. After all, just how can you really put into words how this next-generation ERP system has built-in intelligent technologies like AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics all in one place? And even for the most knowledgeable ambassador who can shed light the ins and outs of the tool, there’s usually a limited amount of time in which someone can explain the prowess of the leading analytical platform database in the market.

On the other hand, there are different styles of learning – some people are visual, others are hands-on, and a few can grasp a concept or idea with a simple explanation.

How do you reconcile the ability of salespeople to talk about the product with the short time they have to showcase it, all while keeping in mind the different learning styles of each interested prospect?

You create a holistic Xperience. And that’s exactly what we did, together with Baton Simulations.

Welcome to ERPsim, a holistic approach to showcasing the power of S/4HANA in turning businesses into Intelligent Enterprises. This brand new Xperience is powered by Nytro Marketing and Baton Simulations, and it’s here to accelerate sales cycles by helping the product do the talking.

ERPsim stands for Enterprise Resource Planning Simulation, and that’s what you get here: an experiential moment where participants get to use the real S/4HANA platform to run real-life business scenarios. The simulation engine gives the full experience of decision-making through company-internal transactions, interactions with suppliers and customers, all while incorporating the influence of market dynamics.

Although this is already exciting as is, there’s an added plus: competition. We all know that humans work best while incentivized, and we’re ready to bring the best of the gamification principles to make the experience truly unforgettable as well as closely tied to how things run in the real world. By creating a setup where there are multiple individuals participating and competing to be the winning business, we raise the stakes of the trial experience and ensure optimal engagement from all parties.

For partners in the SAP ecosystem ready to leverage this Xperience, there are a number of package options you can choose from so that you can run this program on your own, or as the full Xperience we have designed to facilitate an epic interaction with the software. Whether you go for the licenses or the packages, keep in mind your MDF may cover some of these expenses, so there is no better time to invest in an effective strategy to help you close deals and accelerate your pipeline in the coming quarters.

To get more information on the available packages, visit our ERPsim page. If you have questions related to the activity, your funds coverage, or anything related to the Xperience packages, you can reach out directly to our ERPsim Consultant, Simon Talvard.

Embark with us on the ultimate pipeline accelerator, and leverage the power of gamification to help you win!

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