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Future of Documents Powered by Nytro

With the rapidly changing world, online digital tools are becoming more than just a nice accessory to offline communication and rather its necessary alternative. Yet not all our favourite digital solutions are up to the task.

The PDF has become one of the most widely shared format files used to communicate information both internally and externally. From forms, to whitepapers, to infographics, sharing a file as a PDF ensures preservation of the desired format and usability across devices regardless of brand or operating system. But it's far from perfect! They can be bulky and boring. But how can you satisfy all the whimsies of today?

With today’s fast-paced environment, we are getting spoiled by progress, choosing to engage more with dynamic content that has more than one dimension to it. With Nytro Augmented Documents you can extend the functionality of your documents by adding an interactive layer - videos, audio files, images, or clickable links to your PDF document, without sacrificing its consistency or quality.

What are you waiting for? Turn your digital or printed documents into:

  • live

  • interactive

  • measurable – with real-time statistics

  • practical business interface

And reap immense benefits:

  • boosted attractiveness of your communications

  • improved brand awareness

  • increased customer engagement

  • increased sales

  • faster decisions thanks to in-depth analyses on the usage of your documents

Real-time analytics providing in-depth analysis of customer usage and preferences, which further enables faster decision-making.


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