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Pisco Sours All Around: Nytro Peru is Here!

In a year where so much seems uncertain and where we've had to reevaluate a lot in both personal and professional levels, we are proud to announce that we continue to grow and expand into new territories, both figuratively and literally. That's right, Nytro is yet again taking our vibrant flag and planting it in a brand new country: Peru.

Why Peru?

We have an incredibly strong customer base all through Latin America, and though we already have presence in Mexico and Argentina, we really like to cover ALL our bases. The more local support we can provide, the more we can continue to deliver those Amazing Experiences people have come to expect from us. We also connected with some incredible professionals that we just couldn't wait to have as part of our team, and the feeling was mutual.

Speaking of which, it's time to introduce you to the leaders of the Nytro Peru team: meet Lulu & Sebastian!!

We sat down with Lulu & Sebastian and asked them some questions so that you can get to know them and get excited about working with them in the same way we did. Without further ado, welcome to the first Q&A with Nytro Peru:

1. What was the most attractive promise of working with Nytro? What was the deciding factor on your decision?

Undoubtedly, the most attractive part of working for Nytro includes being part of a stellar global team/company, being able to amplify our services portfolio and plug into the virtual events format with a robust and secure platform, so that we can offer our Peruvian client base a 360 service.

2. What experience do you bring to the table? What can prospects expect to see from Nytro Peru?

We have managed a myriad of high caliber events in Peru for a number of industries including technology, gastronomy, retail, as well as life sciences jointly with the government. We have an incredible rapport not only with local clients but also with global brands in the management of corporate events, and being able to provide them with services in orther countries not only makes our offering more attractive and competitive, but we can also deploy a level of support that clients are requesting today not only with events, but also with the marketing component.

3, What is your favorite part of what you do? Tell us a favorite memory or anecdote from a notorious event experience!

We enjoy every part of a project, from building the concept, to the production and execution.

As far as our favorite experiences, they're too many to name, but we do have a big place in our hearts for our most recent work with Mistura, SAP Now, and their Immersive Experience. Building the Immersive Experience set was a huge undertaking, because it required data and leveled equipment that was very specific. This took a lot of hours, calls, coordination, and even convincing for our client to rest assured that we could do it on a second story without causing vibration or shaking on the ground. We always are confident in our professionalism and that of the team we bring to the table. This allowed us to have it ready and functioning two days before the event on the second floor of a structure that we built with a terrace. When the client arrived from Germany and they saw the set up they were so impressed and relieved, that we had time to take them along on a tour around Lima.

4. What does the rest of 2020 look like for Nytro Peru?

With the cancellations of all the in-person events this year, we are providing other alternatives to our clients including virtual events and alternative marketing actions or campaigns that enable them to keep their brands relevant. Our Peruvian clients are very excited for the virtual offering and the comfort of having a proven platform from years ago gave us the advantage over others that just came to market. Our solid team came along for the process and provides invaluable expertise, each and every time.

5. What would you tell customers making plans for 2021? How can they strategize for best results?

We're living in different (and sometimes difficult) times compared with other years, which makes us look cautiously ahead but also provides an opportunity for a new beginning. It's like a blank canvas that enables us to draw upon new strategies that can bring our heads together

to brainstorm and try to secure the best results for 2021. We are full of excitement and ready to take on these new challenges and provide bigger and better moments, as well as the signature Amazing Experiences that Nytro delivers time and time again.

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