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6 Tips You Can Take From the 1 £ Fish Man For Your Marketing Strategy.

I'm sure you're asking yourself: "Is this about that TikTok video that went viral?" and "What does the 1 £ Fish Man have to do with my marketing strategy?"

The answer: "Yes, it's about that Tik Tok video" and " about more than you might realise at first." For those of you who don`t know who we are talking about, take a look:

In this blog, we'll show you 6 tips you can take from the 1 £ Fish Man for your marketing strategy.

1. The right positioning

Position yourself and your product in the space your target audience frequents. Analyze your target audience and choose the right media to reach them. It is useless to invest money in advertising if you’re not reaching your target audience.

2. The right target group

Address your target audience directly. A widely distributed ad can provide reach. But if you identify your buyer persona beforehand and then target them directly, you have a higher chance of success. The watering can principle is not always the right strategy. This is where the well-known rule of quality over quantity comes into play.

3. Clear messaging

Think carefully about the messages you want to get across in your marketing strategy. Short, concise and easy-to-digest facts will get you further than long texts that are rarely read to the end. What is your product? What value does the product add? Who can benefit from it? What proof have you got? Like KPI cost savings, reduction of effort, simplification of processes, ....

Make it easy for your target group!

4. An attractive offer

In most cases, you are not the only provider on the market. Besides the quality of your product, the expertise of your employees or the reputation of your company, special offers can also increase your chances of winning a deal. These can be general or tailored.

5. Repetition

If you think you can make a big impact with just one ad, article or webinar, you're wrong. To be successful, your strategy must have multiple touch points with your target audience. You can achieve this through a balanced mix of different activities (mailings, social media, SEO, PR, ...) as well as through repetition. The keyword here is continuity.

6. Attract attention

However, one of the most important factors for a successful marketing strategy for your business is: stand out and attract attention. Only those who stand out from the crowd can score. Be brave and decide on a new or unusual way. There are many ways to stand out - you don't necessarily have to become a singer to do this. 😉

Of course, the comparison to the 1 £ Fish Man is a daring one but you have to give him credit for one thing: He put some thought into his strategy and drew attention to himself and his product. The video didn't go viral for nothing.

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