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SAP LAC is a crucial region of the SAP ecosystem, with two of the fastest-growing economies and important markets globally: Mexico and Brazil. Every year, SAP LAC holds a Field Kick-Off Meeting where they invite over 1,000 employees from all over Latin America & Caribbean to do enablement sessions and start off the year on the right foot.


The SAP LAC regional events team requires management support from experienced professionals that can handle the logistics and execution of the SAP FKOM event. This includes but is not limited to: budget control, event registration, room booking, and travel manifestos, vendor ecosystem management, set-up and breakdown, keynote and breakout session logistics, catering and special events, VIP care, and more.


Our team of dedicated professionals takes care of every minute of the agenda and manages every vendor and WOW factor. Nytro's expertise on audience experience management allows the SAP LAC regional events team to focus on their priorities, like managing internal stakeholders. The Nytro Experience has been a constant at FKOM through the four countries where it's been hosted (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and the U.S.), and our SAP counterparts continue to trust us to make it better than ever before, every year.

Honored & humbled to have worked side-by-side with such a great team.

To each who embarked on this journey with me, my most heartfelt thanks for your patience & unconditional support.

Angela Almaguer,
Head of LAC Events, SAP

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