UNIORG helps companies (whether small and medium-sized companies or global corporations) to perform better by optimizing their business processes. They don't just stop at the title of service provider, they go above and beyond the call of duty and treat all their customer relationships like partnerships. Being an SAP partner from the get-go, they also develop individual SAP-based solutions in order to provide tailor-made concepts for every customer.


As an SAP Gold Partner, UNIORG has an incredibly wide offering of SAP solutions in their portfolio, but wanted to emphasize one in particular: SAP Business One. UNIORG was looking for a partner who understood SAP, its ecosystem, and the offering so that they could create enticing materials to help SMEs fall in love with this stellar solution.


After the success of the SAP BusinessOne campaign, UNIORG was ready to take things to the next level and give a spotlight to specific industries in their portfolio: their Retail/eCommerce, Subsidiaries, Manufacturing, and Sports Management materials all got a makeover. Not only did UNIORG trust us with the ideation and design of their go-to-market documents, but they gave us carte blanche to give a new voice to their content, as they knew we understood their DNA and could showcase it in an innovative way to the world.

With Nytro Marketing, we are connected by the joy of innovative

topics and the open-mindedness of trying out new concepts.

For us, marketing with Nytro means breaking barriers together in order to break new ground and stay one step ahead. Our projects benefit from the wide skillset and experience of the Nytro team, and their ability to think like they’re one of us.


Manuela Krause,

Partner Marketing & Sales

SAP Business One, UNIORG

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