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Marketing Inside The Box


That's not so easy to answer. On the one hand, positioning, the existing base and the target market play a role and on the other hand, trends are constantly changing.

Currently, of course, the topic of digital marketing is highly rated - not least because of the ongoing pandemic. Physical meetings can only take place to a limited extent and large events such as trade fairs and congresses are almost impossible. "Think outside the box" has been everywhere to read.

The result: invitations to webinars and virtual events flood the mailboxes of management levels and block hours upon hours in their calendars. It´s still a matter of estimating how many invitations get lost in the flood and how many are actually accepted - the falling number of participants clearly speaks for itself. All the more reason to stand out from the crowd and stand out from the competition with a special offer. But that is often easier said than done.


STEP 1: Define your target group

STEP 2: Think in terms of campaigns - not individual activities

STEP 3: Take advantage of the entire range of marketing options

Based on the quote from a comedy serie, the question is: "If everyone is outside the box, couldn't you shine by being inside the box?"

Activities such as telemarketing, postal mailings, ... had recently become less important. Legal requirements like the GDPR but also oversaturation played a big role.

Maybe it's time to take the fashion industry as a model: Every trend has a revival.

Digitalization is also an indispensable part of marketing - but is it wrong to be a little retro from time to time?

Let's just say this: the answer isn´t always found "outside the box". 😉

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