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ACSIS and DMI Bet on Nytro Augmented Documents

For more than 20 years, ACSIS, Inc. has been helping organizations build more agile and responsive supply chains to improve efficiencies, increase profits, and deliver better experiences.

Swiss Data Migration International Group has been managing enterprise data for more than 25 years, enabling customers with its leading data management and retirement solution JiVS Information Management Platform to reap immense benefits such as cost efficiency, legal certainty, flexibility and agility.

Both companies, having such a long experience in their fields, value their customers greatly and understand the importance of customer experience. Which is why they were quick to realize the need to improve the way they deliver their story and connect with the world. Instead of just providing words in a dull printed or digital form, they wanted their digital documents to bring their stories to life, providing an amazing experience to their audience as they learned about their stories. Amazing experiences being in Nytro´s DNA, we jumped right in and delivered two interactive augmented pdf documents.

Acsis Customer Story Ebook “Our Customers Tell the Greatest Stories” & DMI JiVS Storyline – augmented pdfs with not only great visuals but also guiding and engaging Audio which narrates the Ebooks´pages delivering a human-like type of experience for existing and future customers. In addition, these augmented documents provide real-time analytics functionality revealing insights into customer experience and preferences which further enables improvement of the customer experience.

Have a look for yourself!

Would you like to see what types of documents we can augment and some more examples? Click here

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